Anyone with hub generator experience?

Discussion in 'Bikes/Mechanical' started by Sean, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Sean

    Sean New Member

    Hi Cyclists,

    Just picked up a Shimano Alfine hub generator and have installed it on my bicycle. However, I still need to get some lights hooked up. Anyone out there have experience with hub generators and have any info to share about them? Also if you do, what kind of light did you have a good experience with? Hope to hear from you generator folk out there.

  2. f1xedgear

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    For the past 3 1/2 years (without fail) I've used this dynolight headlight with tail light. The headlight has a low, off, and high switch. I prefer the axle mount. A lot of folks prefer crown or bar mounting. The new LightOn! dynolight headlight comes ready for crown mounting. Lots of good reviews out there of other dynolights, but for my money if I ever need another dynolight, this is the system I'll buy. The price is what it is.

    I keep mine on high all the time, except when I'm on the ATT.

    I went with the SRAM i-Light D7 dynohub. No troubles. I've got the same kind of hub on my snow/ice fg.

  3. Sean

    Sean New Member

    Yo F1xedgear,

    Great to hear from you and appreciate the feedback. Thank you for sharing some of your pedal power wisdom with myself and others whom will read this thread, you provide some valueable info. I am currently still doing some intensive research (Googling reviews and visiting before making the purchase of lighting. I am right with you about the pricing of these generator lights, it is what it is. Quite frankly its nice to just forget the price tag and (within your means and sanity) make a good value purchase. Shoot once we are all dead and gone we can't take that money with us, but we can leave an awesome bicycle for our loved ones to rejoice over (or to sell on craigslist)!
    Thanks again and when in doubt pedal faster,


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