How was your commute?

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by Soulfull, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. 3ZKL


    WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MORNING! and thankfully very little wind to speak of either. gotta enjoy these while they last. OH WAIT! it's going to be 85° later today. . .ugh

    swapped my pletscher front rack from the fixed gear over to the surly in preparation for this weekends bike camping trip, and boy do i love having it on there. wish i could make it work without chopping my front fender (and being able to sling it on the bus rack when i am feeling lazy). nevertheless, i am enjoying it while it lasts, too. i am sure it will get some looks on the slow spokes ride tonight. ;)

    and since ray shared his numbers. . .

    • January
      • 273.39
    • February
      • 369.1
    • March
      • 268.34 (as of this morning)
      • 910.83 (59h:36m:53s)

    as of now, i am on track for 1K over the weekend (if not before!) plus, since i am going on a cyclo-camping trip on saturday, what a great way to hit that mark it will be.
  2. esther-l

    esther-l Member

    I did my first car/bike commute in 16 months today, 12.7 miles on the bike round trip. My employer stuck hundreds of people in buildings on Eastowne Dr, Chapel Hill for a while - could not find a good car/bike route to there.

    My route is from Kroger at Southpoint in Durham, up ATT, west on MLK, to a building near where MLK dumps into 15/501. The hills on MLK are killing me!

    The weather this morning was wonderful. I saw dogwoods and wisteria in bloom!
  3. 3ZKL


    have you considered MLK to old chapel hill road? those rollers on MLK sure will put the hurt on though. . .
  4. esther-l

    esther-l Member

    During some construction 2 years ago, I used MLK to Old Chapel Hill Rd. I had a different work location then. My current work location is a short walk off MLK, so riding on MLK is very direct.

    The hill that really kills me is the one between Kroger on MLK and Hope Valley Rd. Until my employer gets the shower chair installed in the handicapped shower in my building, I'm going to walk up that hill. I talked with Facilities again today, so hopefully it will only take 2-3 weeks to get a shower chair.

    If I keep biking on MLK once per week, perhaps my husband will be able to convince me to sign up for Rolling in Randolph in September :)
  5. f1xedgear

    f1xedgear Member

    how was the commute this morning

    burrrr! chilly. still dark. BUT refreshing. It helps that it's Friday, too.

    I'm reaching a milestone I haven't reached in a number of years, as of today I've cyclocommuted Mon-Fri for three straight weeks. I really want to pull off four straight, and since no business travel or family stuff next week (that I'm currently aware of) it seems possible. That'll give me some very nice bicycle communting mileage for the month of March (at ~210 miles/week). Even if I were riding my motobike, I'm saving probably at least $80/month just in gas.

    Been riding with my Timbuk2 panniers the past couple of days. A little more on that later in the pannier v. backpack thread. Still liking my Bell Muni helmet, but I just couldn't stop myself from buying the Blackburn front and rear Fleas that the Bell nicely accommodates. (Clever folks at Bell and Blackburn . . .)

    On my afternoon rides home, when I'm stopped at the intersection of Hope Valley and MLK I look right and thank the gods I don't have to ride those every day.
  6. 3ZKL


    gotcha! i remember a route question from you a while back. makes sense now.

    walking up the hill though?! just gotta sit and spin!

    i think a blast over the hills on MLK is in my weekend riding forecast now that my camping trip has been rescheduled ;)

    my ride into the office today was fantastic! 17.2 avg speed without any baggage. figured out how to mount my pump to the frame, got a spare tube stashed under the brooks and a tiny saddle bag with levers + a multi-tool. so much fun to free the commuter of all the excess weight of my daily travels.
  7. f1xedgear

    f1xedgear Member

    how was the commute this morning

    Nice on my new build, which I quickly assembled yesterday evening. (Out of town over the weekend, but could no longer put up with the creaking, cracked Kilo WT frame.)


    AFTER (I did have fun with the paint, with help from my daughters.)
  8. 3ZKL


    mmmmm sleety!

    thankfully i took some time on friday to get a front fender mounted that worked with the front rack currently on my cross-check. didnt have the heart to chop up my really nice SKS, so i scared up a 5$ beater SKS @ backalley to do the job. so far, so good.

    also, hit the 1K mile mark for the year running errands yesterday!
  9. f1xedgear

    f1xedgear Member

    how was the commute this morning?

    cold. My water froze, but . . with the clear sky, it was refreshingly light for the last 20 minutes of the ride in. Coupla Durham school buses (hey, #s 83 and 166, WTF?) in a rush this morning and cutting it kinda close on the passin'!
  10. f1xedgear

    f1xedgear Member

    how was the commute this morning?

    coolish. No speeding school buses! And, I beat the heavy rain in. nah, nah.

    Ride home, though, could be a real drag.
  11. f1xedgear

    f1xedgear Member

    how was the commute this morning?

    Pleasant. A southerly breeze helped push me in to work quicker than usual. The pine pollen gobbed up my eyes and mouth.
  12. rlovinggood

    rlovinggood Member

    Triangle Transit bus had mechanical problems this morning and stopped on Faircloth Street at Meredith College. No problem when you have a bike! Instead of a five mile commute, I had an 8.7 mile commute. Got to work a few minutes later than normal, but still arrived before the work day began.

    It's gonna be nice this Monday afternoon, but probably wet and wild in the morning. Probably have to leave the bike at home on Tuesday and ride the bus all the way :-(

  13. f1xedgear

    f1xedgear Member

    how was the commute this morning?

    Wet and warm(ish). Lots of debris down on the road surfaces and on the ATT but nothing big. By the time I hit Southpoint area the rain had pretty much turned to a sprinkle and stopped when I came into dwntn Durham. Nice tailwind made the ride much more enjoyable. Yesterday's ride home into the wind was a b-i-t-c-h. (My saddlebag/panniers are not as aerodynamic as my backpack, but they are more waterproof!)
  14. 3ZKL


    lucky you, f1xed. i had the most brutal ride of my life this morning!

    insane headwind, crazy downpours, cross-winds trying to turn my front wheel sideways, more torrential downpours, and blue skies on either side of it all.

    my boss said traffic on I40 came to a standstill around the time both of us were coming into the office. absolutely insane. and the weather this evening should be wonderful for our first tuesday chapel hill cruiser ride. go figure.

    that being said, gold stars all around for having good gear. my outlier pants dried out within about 15 minutes. wool base layers and a great goretex jacket kept me warm and dry. my sidis got a bit soggy but they were past due for a bath after my last MTB ride. thankfully i had a nice dry hoodie and pair of shoes in my panniers to make things feel normal again at the office.
  15. f1xedgear

    f1xedgear Member

    Who 'da thunk cyclocommuting could be such an adventure?

    Probably more crazy weather to come.
  16. 3ZKL


    nice 19 mile lunch ride today, which included some great fireroad riding in the carolina north forest. after punching in my miles, i realized i have already gone over 100 miles for april! two days of which i did not ride at all. off to a pretty great start.

    in other news, my commute is going to change fairly drastically in june. aside from just being hot out, both my office and home locations are moving. home will be on the north side of downtown durham near northgate. work moves back to campus at UNC. one-way looks to be about 14 miles, five more than my current trip. and my average days should jump from about 20 to 30. granted my lunch rides may potentially be a bit shorter since i won't have to slog up the hill. planning to do some route recon in the coming weeks while it is still cool out. although i've actually driven the potential route a million times, as well all know things do look very different by bike.
  17. f1xedgear

    f1xedgear Member

    How was the morning commute?

    Cooler than I thought it'd be, but still nice.

    5 straight weeks of Mon-Fri cyclocommuting. Likely to get one more in before work and family stuff get the priorities.

    Ah, Friday. .

    3ZKL, aren't CH and Durham working to get greenways completed between the two?
  18. ubergoober

    ubergoober Member

    Yesterday was sublime. Cool, then warm. Reasonable traffic and sunshine. Even the pollen count was bearable.
  19. 3ZKL


    with the exception of a couple of sick days, i am at 5 straight weeks as well! crazy. looks like i am set to just keep riding like this for quite a while. although 4/22 is a holiday and i will be driving the car to lug around DJ equipment.

    ugh. if only! pretty sure the ETA is somewhere around 2015 +

    set my fastest time and avg speed for the year (maybe ever) this morning. 8.53 miles in 28m 25s @ 18 mpg/avg! ahh the joys of shedding all baggage and not having a brutal headwind. looks like this might be the year where i finally knock out a 19 mph commute. although this is definitely the year where i need to hire a personal soigner. . .
  20. boxing25

    boxing25 New Member

    Need Some Advice - Almost got hit

    I was commuting to work passing the intersection of Chapel Hill Rd (54) and Maynard in Cary. A Professional Carpet Systems ( van jetted in front of in the bike lane and cut me off taking a right turn into the gas station. I barely avoided getting hit (seeing my life pass before my eyes). I did pull into the gas station and was met with an unapologetic driver. Any advice on the action if any I should take? I got the local number from the van. At minimum, I'd like the company to be aware or if the driver is the owner, for his customers read of the level of care and responsibility this company exhibits.

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