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Discussion in 'Commuting' started by Soulfull, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. jejoyner

    jejoyner New Member

    I am new to the forum but not new to commuting. I am a student in chapel hill and I bike everywhere. I'm moving to cary/apex in the summer and I'm looking for tips for commuting in an area with less commuters. I welcome all insight, and sarcasm.
  2. f1xedgear

    f1xedgear Member

    ^ Hiya! Are you planning to ride from Cary/Apex to CH?

    Maybe with the time change this weekend and warmer weather, we'll see area cyclocommuters posting up. I've been waiting all winter for a snowfall so I could relate snowy rides to/from work on my winter bike (which I built up last March). But, alas, no snow or ice. This morning was a wet slog in, but it was warm.
  3. jejoyner

    jejoyner New Member

    I won't be commuting to CH. I will be living/working in Cary/Apex and will be banging around town over there.
  4. LinOsborne

    LinOsborne New Member

    Hello jejoyner!

    I can't speak much about Apex, but it's actually pretty easy to get around by bike in Cary/Raleigh, provided you plan in advance. Here are a few recommendations, certainly not exhaustive:

    1) Consider where you plan to live.

    Are the ingress/egress streets for the apts/houses you're looking at walled in by busy, high-volume thoroughfares such that you can't get to the next low-volume street without running a guantlet? Or, is the apt/house located such that it easily links with neighborhood connectors that allow you to zig-zag route to where you want/need to go. When choosing my residence, I used Google Maps to overview the street/greenway layout in the areas where I wanted to live, and further narrowed my geographical location choices by getting a sense from the maps of what is and is not bike friendly. I assume you plan to live within city limits. I discourage you from living in the suburban ring as, to me, that environment is a kill zone. Residents in the suburban ring are auto dependent, the areas are heavily developed and populated, and they generally lack bike/ped friendly accommodations.

    2) Use Google Maps and similar tools to plot routes on low-volume neighborhood streets and connectors

    Most neighborhoods are interconnected. It's actually possible to ride significant distance within and between towns with minimum exposure to high-speed, high-volume traffic if you route creatively. My work commute is 15 miles each direction but of this only one mile could be construed as truly "busy" (Cary Towne Blvd, 45 mph), and it has wide travel lanes and wide paved shoulders (in practice, they serve as a bike/ped path). The remainder of the route is mostly 25 mph neighborhood streets with a couple of 35 mph neighborhood connectors thrown in.

    3) Stagger your departure time to desynchronize from traffic peaks.

    In my experience, the "rush hour" isn't a monolithic period of elevated traffic volume, but instead consists of several distinct periods of high/low traffic tides. For example, there is both a quantitative and qualitative difference in the volume of traffic (and motorist patience) if I depart in the morning such that I'm riding on Cary Towne Blvd at 8:00 a.m. instead of 7:50 - 7:55. The motorists in the 7:50 time frame are late for work, speeding, and harried. Not good. If I'm on CTB at 8:00, then the folk that needed to be at work by 8:00, as well as most of the tardies, have already flowed through the pipeline. I get through the busy spot with minimum hassle, and then I'm back on neighborhood connectors once I link over I-40 and into Raleigh. Obviously, 8:00 a.m. is a specific time, but this phenomenon occurs at other times on the morning/evening commute, often on a half-hour boundary. So, whatever time you're traveling during morning/evening rush, it can be helpful to put yourself out of phase by a few minutes.

    Hope this helps,
  5. f1xedgear

    f1xedgear Member

    Pleasant ride in this morning. A little drizzly, but warm and with a tailwind! Grand.
  6. f1xedgear

    f1xedgear Member

    I'm finding more nickels, dimes, and quarters on the road these days. Not as many as I did in the in the 90s and early 2000s. Still, maybe things are lookin' up . . .

    Brisk ride in this morning. I have a colleague here interested in starting to ride to work. She lives off Hope Valley, about 7 miles from downtown Durham. She's getting a new bicycle this weekend. I've encouraged her to use the ATT. She shared the Gear Patrol "10 Bicycle Commuter Essentials" with me--good info for someone thinking about cyclocommuting, I think.
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  7. f1xedgear

    f1xedgear Member

    Wonderful cyclocommuting this week. Cooler weather to begin, with fresh honeysuckle in the air . . . And I collected 1 quarter and 2 dimes. I'm treatin' myself to large coffee at P&O this morning.
  8. esther-l

    esther-l Member

    I did my first car/bike commute to new job on Tuesday the 24th. It was nice cool weather. Discovered that Lake Grove Blvd (35mph speed limit) in Morrisville is a shortcut for speedway drivers :) The drivers on Hopson Rd were nice, and one let me go across the road while they were stopped for the construction lane closure.
  9. esther-l

    esther-l Member

    I saw a bluebird on my way home today. The weather was very nice for riding today!
  10. bryanphoto

    bryanphoto "It's pretty flat."

    On my commute this morning I got right hooked. A lady attempted to pass me, then turned right into her driveway when her rear wheels were roughly even with my front wheel. Nothing I could do, nowhere to go. Even though I immediately slammed on my brakes her car hit me and I went down. Another driver witnessed the whole thing and called 911.
    I'm fine, just some bruises, road rash, and busted knuckles. I was riding my commuter- not my rando bike or my new carbon toy. The NYC Bikes commuter is basically the bike equivalent of a truck- big, heavy, and designed to haul stuff. If it has any new scuffs I can barely tell! I got lucky, my road rash will heal in a week or so and my bike is fine. Be careful out there!
  11. f1xedgear

    f1xedgear Member

    Glad to hear that you and your bike are both OK. Maybe it's just my imagination, but there seems to me to be a different set of car drivers out in the a.m. (with the earlier light??), and they're rather a lot less considerate or even aware. Heads up!
  12. f1xedgear

    f1xedgear Member

    a coupla miles from home Friday I picked this up . .


    I left it in, and rode it home--click, click, click, click--with tire still hard.

    purty, ain't it:

  13. esther-l

    esther-l Member

    Glad you are OK.
  14. esther-l

    esther-l Member

    On my commute this morning I saw a "Stark Industries" sticker on a parked car.
    And the theme from Chariots of Fire was playing in my head for some reason.
  15. rlovinggood

    rlovinggood Member

    Wednesday afternoon brought the passage of a very wet cold front and the clouds produced a "frog strangler" during my commute home. Thank goodness for the $30.00 K-Mart rain jacket with hood. While my legs and feet and hands were soaked, as was my face, the bits and pieces under the jacket were in pretty good shape. Could have used some clear safety glasses over the eye glasses, because the rain drops that got by the eye glasses stung quite a bit.

  16. bracken

    bracken New Member

    I had my first 1/2 commute today and it was awesome. I only biked home from work. The car is still there and I will pick it up tomorrow and drive back home. For the rest of the week I don't get off work until around midnight and I don't want to deal with the drunks on the road at that point.

    Today I raced a storm all the way home. I stayed just ahead of it. It sprinkled on me just enough to cool me off. I wish I had a camera, I could have taken some awesome pics as the thunderheads moved in. About two miles of my commute is perfectly paved roads through an abandoned community that was never built. They paved the roads and cleared the lots just before the housing market crashed. There is a huge hill right in the middle of the neighborhood that lets you see almost to downtown Raleigh. The chasing thunderstorm was moving in fast with a curtain of rain. It made for some beautiful scenery.
  17. f1xedgear

    f1xedgear Member

    What a great morning ride in. Tomorrow likely to be even nicer. Still some spring smells in the air, esp. with the rain we've had. Lovely.

    Hope everyone's cycloing in to work tomorrow. he

    gawd, I love duct tape.

  18. esther-l

    esther-l Member

    I biked in Friday. Had to wipe fog off my glasses a couple of times on the way in.
    In the morning I saw a black and white cat sitting behind the screen in an open window in a house in Morrisville - would not have spotted that from a car! I have seen Morrisville police along my route a couple of times. They seem to be enforcing speed limits and stop signs along Crabtree Crossing, and in the Keystone Business park.
  19. f1xedgear

    f1xedgear Member

    Construction to Start on Final Phase of ATT on June 11th

    " . . The current dirt surface trail from Massey Chapel Road to the Chatham County line south of Scott-King Road will be closed to users soon after June 11th . ." The section will be closed through early March 2013, the notice says.

    Next year this time, my cyclocommuting will be even sweeter with the new trail surface down. Until then, however, I will be grumpy . . .

  20. f1xedgear

    f1xedgear Member

    ATT work is starting on the bit between the Chatham line and Scott King. Good news!

    For trail users, patience and stealth required . .

    [​IMG]For the record, this ^ is how I came upon the barrier this morning at 6:00am.

    I go around stuff . . . [​IMG]

    Oh yeah, the cyclocommute to work this morning was beeyootefull!

    I expect to face similar obstacles north of Scott King Rd. beginning Monday, the 18th. I shall endeavor to continue to go around such nuisances.

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