Injury and recovery process (looking for some advice from other cyclists)

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  1. Sean

    Sean New Member

    Hello all triangle cyclists,

    Had a surgery to repair a to torn medial meniscus in the left knee. Has yet to be a week since the surgery, and the healing process is underway. No weight bearing for a few weeks, so the bicycle is out of the question for now I guess. However, after about four weeks, I will be looking to get an indoor trainer and use it as a part of the rehab process. Has anyone else out there had experience in dealing with a meniscus repair? If so what kind of rehab did you do in order to get back riding? Also, if you have a trainer that you are looking to sell at a discount price let me know and I may be interested. Thanks to all who read this and hope to hear some good input.

    Keep pedaling,
  2. JayC

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    Wow.. best of luck on your recovery. Im a few months post op on having my shoulder repaired. That sidelined me for most of last year.

    The only advice I can give you is to use pedals with a lot of float when you come back. I use and highly recommend the Speedplay Light Actions. Easy in and out and they have a lot of float.

    Craigslist always has trainers so check there. I see them up there every few days. Id get a trainer specific tire too if youre going to have the bike on the trainer for a while.
  3. Zonda

    Zonda Super Moderator Staff Member

    I had a partial medial meniscectomy on my right knee February 21, 2012. My meniscus was torn in 5 places and beyond repair. I think I was on a spin bike in 2 weeks. My first ride on my bike was March 15.

    I had to raise the seat very high on my spin bike because my leg wouldn't bend, but it was much better by March 15 on my bike. The doc pushed riding as much as possible as the best rehab for my recovery. I think I was off my feet only a few days. I also went to PT 3 times a week for about 6-8 weeks. I can recommend a physical therapist if you need one. I wouldn't want to go through it again, but it wasn't too bad in hind sight.

    Post your request for a trainer in For Sale/Wanted section of this forum. Also post on Craig's List you are looking for a trainer. Buy in person though. Lots of scammers on Craig's List.

    I wish you a speedy recovery!
  4. esther-l

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    Wow, most people cannot have their meniscus repaired; they have to have some damaged pieces removed.

    Recovery depends partly on how much swelling you have after the surgery. Swelling limits range of motion.
    My husband had small meniscus amount removed in Jan 2010, and he was biking outdoors in 3-4 weeks. He was riding on trainer indoors in 1-2 weeks. He did have a lot of swelling, but surgeon removed a bunch of fluid in the office. That speeded his recovery a lot. He only had limits on weight bearing for 1-3 days.

    His PT was knee range of motion, and lots of exercises to make the muscles above and below the knee stronger.

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