[Mar 10, 2013] Slow Spokes SUNDAY Training Ride, MacGregor Village Shopping... (Cary, NC)

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Slow Spokes SUNDAY Training Ride, MacGregor Village Shopping...
Start Date: Mar 10, 2013 01:00 PM
End Date: Mar 10, 2013 05:00 PM
Time zone: America/New_York -04:00 EDT

MacGregor Village Shopping Center
101 Edinburg South Drive
Cary, NC 27511

Posted By: Zonda

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  1. Zonda

    Zonda Super Moderator Staff Member

    Everyone must bring a signed liability waiver for 2013.
    [if you haven’t provided one for 2013 insurance year]

    6 DAYS UNTIL EVENING RIDES RESUME!!!!!!!!!! Holy moly!!!

    Ride description:
    • Training ride before the Wednesday Oh Melo Velo rides begin and preparation for the Raven Rock Ramble on May 5.
    • We will have several groups riding at different paces and distances.
    • Post-ride chow and guzzle at MacGregor Draft House in the shopping center.
    When: Sunday, March 10, 2013

    1:00 p.m. All riding paces
    • Ride is no-drop or as agreed between the riders in each group (wait at turns, strictly keeping group together, etc.).
    • Riders should choose your group wisely to ensure you can maintain the pace of the group.
    • Ride leaves promptly at 1:00.
    MacGregor Village Shopping Center
    (see map and address above)

    At the small parking lot away from the shopping center parallel with Hwy-64 between the former bank on the left and restaurant on the right. Not sure what businesses are in those two buildings now.

    • Any up 43.4 miles [See new attachment, Rolling Hills Galore Cue Sheet]
    • This is an out and back route.
    • Ride half your distance then U-turn.
    Cue sheet attached.

    Please print and bring your own cue sheet.

    Any, no-drop or as agreed between each riding group

    I will lead a 30-mile route, C pace, (U-turning at or about the 15-mile point)

    I recommend the regular 42 milers ride about 40 miles or the entire distance 43.4 miles (U-turning at a distance of your choice)

    Please reply to this thread or email me listing the following information so that I can form additional groups:
    1. Riding pace average: A 18+ mph, B 16-19, C 13-15 mph, D 10-12 mph.
    2. Choose a route: 30 or 40 miles
    No replies listing route and pace by 5:00 p.m. Saturday cancels ride. Please reply or email me [through this site] if you intend to ride so I can prepare a list of riding groups for the 5:00 update.

    Signed Liability Waiver Required:
    Please print, sign, date, and bring with you the attached Liability Waiver. Everyone must provide a signed waiver unless you have not already provided one for 2013. I will not have copies at the ride.

    Contact Person: Zonda. You may contact me through this site if you have any questions.

    • Please arrive in time to prepare your bike to leave promptly at the ride start time listed.
    • Helmets are required.
    • New riders should read Bicycling Hand Signals and Safety Pointers and Ride Preparation - Equipment, Nutrition, Hydration
    • All riders should carry proper equipment in case they have a flat (spare tube, pump or CO2 cartridge).
    • This ride includes some roads with hills and traffic. We maintain safe riding practices, but these are open road rides and might not be suitable for those who have a fear of riding on the road.
    • Slow Spokes is a subculture of the North Carolina Bicycle Club (NCBC). NCBC’s insurance requires one waiver on file each year for all riders.
    • It is strongly recommended that you carry your driver’s license, health insurance card (or photo copies), emergency contact information or Road I.D. in case of an emergency. You may also want to program your cell phone with an emergency contact number under the name “ICE” In Case of Emergency.

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  2. Zonda

    Zonda Super Moderator Staff Member

    Right now I'm planning to use the MacGregor Village to Bonsal cue sheet, but I may change it if I have a better recommendation from David Cole.
  3. Mike Polum

    Mike Polum Member

    I want to try the 40 mile route. It will have to be at C pace. Good weather, more daylight.
    Mike P
  4. jcmerry

    jcmerry oldkidonabike

    I'm hoping to join the group again. Would like to do the 40 miles, B or C as needed.
  5. ebear

    ebear Ride Big

    I will join for a 30 mile ride at a C pace
  6. jcmerry

    jcmerry oldkidonabike

    well, it's not in the cards again - I have to miss this weekend - but looking forward to the wednesday rides :D
  7. Zonda

    Zonda Super Moderator Staff Member

    Note that I changed the cue sheet from MacGregor Village to Bonsal to Rolling Hills Galore. It is attached to the ride announcement above and again here.

    The weather will be nearly perfect on Sunday!:)

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  8. Zonda

    Zonda Super Moderator Staff Member

    Glad you can make Eric!
  9. Zonda

    Zonda Super Moderator Staff Member

    John!!! Sorry you can't make it. Will see you Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!:D
  10. Thom

    Thom New Member

    I'd like to ride the 40+, C to B pace.

    Looking forward to it!!!
  11. Zonda

    Zonda Super Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry for the late post.

    Ride is on with me, Mike P., Eric and Thom. Alan W. and Stu are maybees. Mike S. isn't available this week.

  12. Henrik Edeback

    Henrik Edeback New Member

    Unfortunately I can't Make it tomorrow. Will ride Wednesday night.
  13. Zonda

    Zonda Super Moderator Staff Member

    The weather was very nice yesterday. We had a small group: Me, Mike P., Eric, Thom, Scott E. and Stuart. Scott E. drove in from Greenville again to ride with us. My friend Stuart, who is a racer, joined us after a ride with The Bicycle Chain logging a total of 109 miles for the day including riding to and from the rides. Although he rolls at 26 mph, he was a trooper and rode our pace.;) Eric rode 60 miles on Saturday and decided to U-turn at the 10 mile point.

    Now for our measly stats: :rolleyes:
    My Garmin malfunctioned, but gauging from everyone’s stats we rode 36 miles in the low 13s. I struggled on the ride. Had a temperature of 99.6 when I got home. I’m still not 100% after taking Azithromycin 500 mg for 5 days last week.:(

    We went to the MacGregor Draft House after the ride.

    Next Ride:

    Weekly on Wednesdays, 6 p.m., Oh Melo Velo, MacGregor Village Shopping Center, Cary
    Weekly on Saturdays, Salsa ride from Cary Park Town Center, Cary

    I will have a ride announcement ready for the Salsa ride in the next few days.

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