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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by rachel, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. rachel

    rachel New Member

    Hi All! I started riding ~6 months ago (hybrid) and loving it! I ride with my husband who's a lot faster than I am but being the gentleman he is, makes sure I'm enjoying myself :) . Slowspokes seems to be the group we've been looking for to expand our riding experiences and to up my mileage & speed but wondering if I'll be able to keep up with you folks with my hybrid? I usually ride the ATT & the Capital Greenway at about 12-13mph but I do go a bit faster on the open road (13-14mph). I'm a bit nervous as the only group road riding I've completed are two ~15 milers (Tour de Femme & Tour de Toys)...but I did fine as the adrenaline kept me Max distance so far = 30 miles just this past weekend. I am currently looking into road bikes...

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!
  2. Zonda

    Zonda Super Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to Triangle Cycling! I missed seeing your post yesterday when I logged in yesterday.

    I think you will do fine keeping up. Kudos to your husband for getting you off to a good start ensuring that you stick with it. We have faster groups for him as well.

    Choose a route and pace that’s consistent with what you’ve been riding and you will be able to stay with the group. When you get your road bike, you will be much faster and feel stronger compared to how hard you work on your hybrid.

    Please come on out and join us. Looking forward to meeting you.
  3. rachel

    rachel New Member

    Thank you Zonda. We signed up for the Sunday Salsa ride on the 24th via my husband (Bob O'Connor); we're going to start off with the 17 miler group C, and go from there. Excited!
  4. rachel

    rachel New Member

    Just bought my first road bike!! I'm going to ride for a bit around the greenways and our neighborhood before joining the group again - just need to become familiar with the gears, etc. Not ready for clipless pedals yet, perhaps in a month or so when I take the bike in for adjustments, but I will take the leap soon as I need all the help I can get. :) Looking forward to the Sunday rides and warmer weather!
  5. Zonda

    Zonda Super Moderator Staff Member

    Congratulations on your road bike purchase!

    Don't rush getting clipless pedals. Just ride and have fun. You'll know when you are ready to transition. :)
  6. rachel

    rachel New Member

    Thanks Zonda. Bob and I rode ~24 miles on the ATT and surrounding roads yesterday - a great ride...loving my new bike...plan to ride again sometime in the next few days.

    Hope to join the group on Sunday!

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