Three Little Pigs

Discussion in 'Triathlon Talk' started by kmatt318, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. kmatt318

    kmatt318 Member

    Anyone doing this Sprint Tri in Smithfield?
  2. jerrylcanterbury

    jerrylcanterbury Accidental Athlete

    No, but I'm signed up for the Triangle Tri on Sunday, July 11.
  3. ashby3

    ashby3 Turtle member of Team CBC

    Good for you Jerry
  4. kcarmack

    kcarmack Member

    I will be there.
  5. chiapetsrcool

    chiapetsrcool New Member

    I didn't see this before the race, but I was there. My first tri! I learned that I need a new bike though- my hybrid is just too slow, and I'm now hooked on triathlons!
  6. kmatt318

    kmatt318 Member

    I also am totally hooked. It was a really fun event. Looking forward to the next one.
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  7. kcarmack

    kcarmack Member

    Agreed. Very well done. This was my first as well and ready to sign up for more.
  8. statetailgater

    statetailgater New Member

    Its race week! This is my first Triathlon. I'm exited to do my best and learn a lot!

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